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Evening and Weekend Emergency Water Heater Repair in Rhode Island

Are you having a problem with your hot water heater? There are a number of possible signs that your hot water heater is having problems or on its last legs.

  • Are you hearing strange noises coming from the hot water tank, like a popping or a roiling sound? That could mean sediment and mineral deposits have built up inside the tank. Mineral buildup can keep the water from heating properly.
  • Do you see water on the floor near the water heater? That could be something as simple as condensation or more serious, like a loose valve or leaky pipe, excessive pressure, overheating, an obstructed vent, a cracked tank or even a defective heating element.
  • Is the water cool or lukewarm? The water heater could have a faulty gas pilot, a loose gas thermocouple or a faulty gas pilot control valve. There could be a problem with the gas control, or the dip tube may have broken in the tank.
  • Is the water rust-colored ? Do you smell a rotten egg smell ? The tank may be corroded or the anode rod may be failing.

No one likes a cold shower – or a big plumbing repair bill. Call RI Heating Contractors of Rhode Island: 401-283-1671. We'll give you a free quote over the phone and we'll get someone out to fix your water heater.

Need a New Water Heater?

If your old water heater can't be repaired, RI Heating Contractors has you covered. Visit our showroom to see a wide range of new high-efficiency water heaters and tankless water heaters.You may qualify for a 0% interest energy loans for the installation of high efficiency heating products.

If you're ready to buy a new, energy-efficient water heater, let the plumbing experts at RI Heating Contractors help you find the right heater for your needs. We also repair water heaters. Call 401-283-1671 to schedule an appointment.

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